Counselling is a way of expressing your concerns and difficulties with the help of another person in a safe and private place. Counselling cannot solve all of your problems but the counsellor will listen to you, offer support and help you to understand your feelings and explore ways of making beneficial changes in your life.

Following on from the initial interview, the counsellor allocated will be the person with whom a client will work throughout their time at Survive.

A person centered approach is used to establish a counselling relationship, although a range of approaches and methods of intervention and practice are used during the counselling process.

How will my sessions work?

Sessions are usually weekly, though at times of crisis, extra sessions or telephone contact can be arranged. How long counselling continues is decided by you and your counsellor.

We normally offer a 9-5 service, however early evening sessions can also be arranged.


Counselling is confidential. This means that what is said between you and your counsellor is not passed on to anyone.

Very occasionally it may be necessary for a counsellor to break confidentiality in order to comply with the law e.g. if a child is in danger. All aspects of confidentiality will be discussed with you at your initial interview.

In order to work effectively and safely, another counsellor supervises every Survive counsellor. This means they may occasionally talk about their work with you, but your identity will not be disclosed.

What our clients say

Even though I was referred by the counsellor at my GP, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was put at my ease – I was totally lacking in confidence and unable to look at people. I was really listened to – and I think my counsellor probably understands me better than I understand myself – this is improving!

I didn’t know how to express myself but am being supported with this. I am much more confident, but the change has been gradual – I am now able to talk to people that I’ve known for years but never really communicated with.

Male, 50’s


I turned to Survive to help me with abuse issues from my past and to support me in leaving an abusive partner. At times I have felt extremely low, but Survive and my counsellor have helped me immensely, especially when I felt I could trust no-one. I am now working, doing a course and moving on with my life instead of dwelling in the past. Survive is a vital service for all abuse victims – young and old.

Female 30’s